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Vigormax 30 Caps 4519



Vigor-MAX™ Works Naturally when you want it!

Vigor-MAX™ works holistically to strengthen your sexual health and energy. Therefore, your body can respond naturally and powerfully when intimacy occurs.

What can decrease you sexual performance?

• Low testosterone levels
• Poor circulation
• Erectile dysfunction
• Poor stamina

Vigor-MAX™ can help counteract these problems.By using age-old ingredients that have been recently proven to be effective in clinical studies, Vigor-MAX™ can:

• Increase blood flow to the sexual organs through the nitric oxide-induced relaxation of corporal smooth muscle
• Increase testosterone levels, resulting in an increase in libido
• Enhance physical performance
• Improve circulation
• Act as a stimulant and an aphrodisiac

Do you want to have more satisfying sex?

Vigor-MAX™ is an all-natural product that is safe and effective. By utilizing ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be effective, Vigor-MAX™ can improve your sexual health and confidence. Thus, you and your partner will have more pleasurable sex.

This product can also be effective for women!

Many women with a low sex drive are suffering from decreased levels of testosterone. By increasing your levels of testosterone, you will feel an increase in your sexual desire. Also, improved circulation means more sensation in your sexual organs.

How Quickly Does it Work?

Most men will notice an improvement in 5 – 7 days. However, for some it may take longer. For maximum benefit, we suggest that you take Vigor-MAX™ on a daily basis.

Vigor-MAX™ Ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris
is a safe supplement that can be beneficial to the cardiovascular system and can elevate testosterone levels. This herb is known for its aphrodisiac qualities and studies have proven it to increase sexual function in animals.

Avena Satina (wild oats)
works to free bound testosterone in the body. Bound testosterone, once freed, this hormone can heighten sexual thoughts and sexual pleasure.

contains nutrients that are necessary in the production, utilization and absorption of testosterone and estrogen in the body. Numerous research studies in North America have demonstrated this.

Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali)
is used to increase virility and sexual prowess, and is reputed to improve strength and power during sexual activities. Also, it is known to have a testosterone increasing effect.

Korean Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)
Improves the ability to achieve and maintain an erection by inducing vasodilatation and relaxation of penile corpus cavernosum.

effects the nervous system and promotes the general feeling of well-being. It also raises energy levels and alleviates fatigue. Damiana is reputed through history to be an aphrodisiac.

is known to stimulate circulation because of its large amount of vitamin C, cayenne is considered a potent aphrodisiac.

Supplement Facts
Ingredients Serving Size: 1 capsule daily


% Daily Value

Tribulus terrestris (40% steroidal saponins)

150 mg


Cayenne pepper

100 mg


Korean Ginseng Root

50 mg



50 mg



50 mg


Tongkat Ali

50 mg



50 mg


Avena sativa

50 mg


Wild Yam

50 mg


Elk Velvet

20 mg



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